Corporate responsibility at Eezy

Eezy’s responsibility is crystallized in our vision to help both employees and employers succeed in the working life of the future. In this endeavor, responsibility is a natural part of our business. We work in the HR services industry, which underlines the role of social responsibility in our operations in all its forms.Working life is undergoing a big change. We help people and businesses in this change by developing new working opportunities and improving the professional skills of employees. For us, it is important that the staffing services we offer are fair both to the employee and to the company signing up staffed employees.

Our responsibility actions are based on the following themes


  • We operate fairly in working life
  • We invest in the professional skills and well-being of our employees
  • We help people to enter the workforce


  • We tailor our services to the needs of customers and employees
  • We give guidance to our customers in matters related to working life
  • We handle all data carefully


  • We strive to lower the threshold for employment
  • We achieve significant economic impact through our operations
  • We make environmentally friendly choices



We invest significantly in people and actively develop their well-being at work. For more information about activities related to our employees’ well-being, see page 25. We improve our employees’ professional skills through our training offering, including the “JYEAT” Specialist Qualification in Management and Business Management and training for staffed employees.

Successful management of employment matters is critical to Eezy’s business. We are committed to operating in accordance with the rules and practices of working life, legislation and collective labor agreements. We work together with trade unions and comply with the laws and collective labor agreements in all our operations. We genuinely care about the occupational safety of our staffed employees: although the primary responsibility lies with the customer company, we collect information about accidents at work and develop safety in cooperation with companies.

Eezy has an important role in preventing exclusion. Staffed work is a good way, for example, for immigrants to find employment or young people to get their first job. We advise and coach immigrants on matters related to the Finnish working life. We are a major employer of young people: in 2018, we offered summer jobs to 1,000 young teenagers.



By accumulating understanding of our customers, we can target and tailor our services to our customers. We approach customer needs from different perspectives, including content and scope, labor needs or employer and employee characteristics.

Eezy operates a customer service that offers our employee customers help with questions related to employment matters, such as salary slips, tax card or Eezy Express salary.
A lot of young people find employment through us, and we see customer service as a very important channel for helping them. In addition, we help and guide Eezy users also in matters related to self-employment that are not associated with the service.

Eezy handles a large amount of data, for example, in recruitment, and we take data privacy into consideration in both our online and face-to-face interaction. During the year, we implemented our project related to the entry into force of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which included creating a data protection organization for Eezy and introducing new processes to ensure proper data protection.



We want to lower the threshold for employment and increase the attractiveness of staffed work and self-employment. A concrete example of Eezy’s contribution is the Urapalvelu career service, which Eezy operates together with Finnish TE employment services. We also strive to create commonly agreed operating models in cooperation with trade unions. The views of staffed employees were analyzed in a study by the Private Employment Agencies’ Association HPL, showing that Eezy’s staffed employees were more satisfied than

During the year, we created value for our multiple stakeholders. We are a significant employer and we pay taxes and other fees to Finland. Our positive impact on society is also reflected in our collaboration with educational institutions and cultural sponsorship.

As a service company, we promote environmental friendliness, for example, by favoring electronic documentation and orientation solutions and public transport, as well as taking environmental considerations into account in the selection of service providers. A focus area in all our operations is fostering a mindset of sustainable development.