Distribution of dividends

Dividend history

Date of General MeetingDividend, euro per share
22.8.20190,10 (capital repayment)
21.4.2020Board of Directors was authorised to decide on max. 0.20 eur dividend. The authorisation is valid until the AGM in 2021.
10.11.2020 Board decision0,10

Dividend policy

Eezy’s intention is to distribute 30 to 50 percent of its annual net result, adjusted for depreciation of goodwill, as dividend to Eezy’s shareholders.

The Company’s Board of Directors reviews the balance between the amount of dividend and the Company’s financial position, cash flow and growth investments and, based on this review, prepares a proposal on the amount of dividend to be distributed, which may deviate significantly from the target level defined in the dividend policy.